The "ZAKREM" company's history goes back to 1952. The founder and owner was - no longer existing - Wojewódzki Związek Gminnych Spółdzielni "Samopomoc Chłopska". From the beginning of its existence, the shop have specialized in the metal industry. Apart from production, it dealt with services for enterprises: comprehensive servicing of machines and production lines: food, butcher's, bakery, bottling, refrigeration equipment and small services for the population. On the other hand, in the field of production, the shop was a manufacturer of devices for the needs of (important in contemporary Poland) mining and military for a long time. However, the production of transport equipment was the key activity determining own construction and technological department as well as the entire crew. The first experience was gained already in the fifties. Over time, the products changed technical parameters, construction parameters, aesthetic appearance.

In 1990 - during the period of rapid political changes and economic transformations in Poland, the financially independent Spółdzielnia Pracy was founded and the 'ZAKREM' company was taken over. Mobilized with a new reality, various factors of free market economy and export requirements, we have multiplied efforts for the needs of progress. New products have been created. This hard work and many years of experience in the field of internal transport resulted in a new aesthetics and quality. The emphasis on these achievements is the European product standard that complies with the safety requirements of the European Union for hydraulic trucks.

From February 1, 2011, the company changed its legal status to a limited liability company.
Currently, the company employs 101 people. It has its own design and research facilities, automated production lines, own commercial and service departments.

We will be pleased if you familiarize yourself with our offer and we will be completely satisfied if the presented products help to solve the problems of your everyday work.




As part of the project implemented for the amount of almost PLN 1,700,000, a laser cutter was launched. The device is of the "fiber" type, which means that the fiber was used to transmit the light beam in the cutting process. The cutting beam has a diameter of only 0.1 mm, which means that the amount of metal melted in the cutting process is much smaller than in most currently used lasers. Consequently, energy consumption is about four times lower than current standards. Installed 3 kW resonator power allows cutting:

  • black sheets – up to15 mm,
  • stainless steel sheets- up to 8 mm.

Using this device, it is possible also to cut high-resolution materials such as brass, copper, etc. In ZAKREM, the machine will be used for series production of products offered mainly for transport trucks as well as for the provision of services.
The purchased laser is innovative on a global scale.
In mid-April this year two devices were installed:

  • rotary cleaner - it speeds up the processes of surface cleaning before painting,
  • spray booth - it allow to paint short series in unusual colors "right away".
cięcię laserem


1. In I quarter of 2015 two new machining centers were purchased:

  • ST20Y turning center
  • VF5 vertical drilling and milling center

2. In June 2015, the company started using the newly launched photovoltaic plant. Power - 204 kW. This energy will be used only for the company's own purposes. It is predicted that the power plant will cover 40% of the electricity demand.


2016 r.

In March 2016, an automatic robotic welding station in the technological line was installed at Zakrem. The robot is produced by the Japanese company Motoman Jaskawa. The purchase of the robot is one of a number of investments made in the company.