Scissor lift trucks

WRP3-1001 with the support, with the N roller


The scissor model proposed by us is a combination of functional values of traditional pallet trucks and lift trucks. The design allows driving at fork heights up to 360 mm, and the alternative is a model with the support, with the roller, which allows transport with a forks raised above 360 mm. The WRP-1001 pallet truck can also be converted to a work table.

The most important features include:

  • fast rate of lifting loads up to 300 kg
  • the possibility of lifting the load at one of two speeds
  • adjustment of lowering speed using a special valve
  • an overload valve protecting against lifting loads weighing more than 1000 kg
  • supports increasing stability, protecting against rocking

In this model of lift truck, we give a choice of wheel types: polyamide (works well on smooth surfaces) and with the polyurethane runner (it has a high resistance to abrasion).

Technical specifications

Load capacity, kg 1000
Lifting height, mm 1950
Total length, mm 1520
Forks span, mm 520 (686)
Front wheels diameter, mm 125
Rear wheels diameter, mm ø150
Roller dimension, mm ø80x50
Weight, kg 129(140)

Types of wheels

kola poliamidowe


 For smooth ground, very low driving resistance, traceless. Highly resistant to chemicals.

koła poliuteranowe


Very high resistance to abrasion and cutting, quiet while driving, traceless, they increase the maintenance-free working time of the car.

Price list

SYMBOL Forks length, mm Wheels type Net price
WRP3-1001 1150 NSN* 2740,00
WRP3-1001 with the support, with the N roller 1150 NSN* 2890,00
WRP3-1001 1150 PSP* 2840,00
WRP3-1001 with the support, with the P roller 1150 PSP* 2990,00


*NSN - steering wheels Ø 150 mm, nylon, single rollers Ø 80 mm, nylon
*PSP - steering wheels Ø 150 mm, polyurethane, single rollers Ø 80 mm, polyurethane


23% VAT excluded Prices are subject to change.

Non-standard versions

Trucks with the other length