Barrier L–2500 ver. 2
Movable posts


Not only the organization of mass events, but also all other types of ventures in the public area are very often associated with the change of traffic organization in the given area. So if it is necessary to separate individual its parts or to designate precise communication routes for participants and users of a given space - separating barriers are necessary. Made of durable, resistant to mechanical damage materials, they will be an effective security element. Their modular nature and specially prepared hooks will make they easier to connect and assemble individual modules, thanks to which they will create a coherent whole. A properly preserved structure guarantees the stability of these elements. It should also be emphasized that simple, devoid of decoration design translates into the maximum elegance of barriers.


  • powder coated or with a zinc protective coating
  • ribs made of the Ø16 mm pipe with the span of 140 mm

Movable posts

  • made of the pipe – Ø 32
  • powder coated or with a zinc protective coating

Technical specifications and prices

Barierki odgradzające

SYMBOL Dimensions, m Feet span, m Mounting length,  m Weight, kg Pipe cross-section, mm Net price
Barrier L–2500 2,5x1,1 0,58/0,48 2,57 15 Ø 16 180,00

Movable posts

SYMBOL Base dimension, mm Height, mm Weight, kg Net price
Movable post H-100 532x410 1000 3 53,00