New pallet truck WRU4-2300

We would like to inform you that we are already producing and selling WRU4-2300 pallet trucks.
Trolleys are characterized by:

  1. New design of the truck frame.
  2. New pump unit.
  3. Weight – approx. 62 kg (depending on the wheels).\
  4. Parts of the truck such as: \
    • rocker assembly set
    • connector
    • connector set
    • axles, pins and shafts
    • drawbar
    • parts in the hydraulic aggregate

are REPLACEMENT with parts of the WRU4-2200 truck.
In addition, we inform you that in the WRU4-2300 truck sintered bushes have been replaced with plain bearings.
In the near future, the angle of the drawbar steering in the new truck will be larger than in the WRU4-2200 truck (currently we are investigating).