Battery truck


Trolleys make easier to work on production, assembly, in warehouses, on a ramp. They transport materials, tools, devices, etc.

  • hydraulic lifting with a foot pump
  • travel blocking using brakes on wheels
  • stepless adjuster of the lowering speed

WRP1-0252 and WRP1-0152 trucks allow for two times faster lifting.

The WAPP1-0601 battery truck is designed for transport work in all types of warehouses, production halls, workshops, etc. The truck is adapted for lifting and transporting unitary loads and other goods in packs or containers with a total weight of 600 kg in an environment of moderate corrosion in the temperature range -10º C ÷ +40º C.

Technical specifications

SYMBOL WRP1-0501 WRP1-0252 WRP1-0301 WRP1-0152
Load capacity, kg 500 250 300 150
Lifting range, mm 275-810 275-810 395-1280 395-1280
Platform dimensions, mm 910x600 910x600 910x600 910x600
Wheels diameter, mm ø125NEK ø125NEK ø125NEK ø125NEK
Trolley weight, kg 81 81 98 98

Types of wheels

koła poliamidowe


 For smooth ground, very low driving resistance, traceless. Highly resistant to chemicals.

koła typu nek


Wheels and wheel sets are designed for heavy loads. Thanks to ball bearings and the elastic rubber runner, the rolling resistance is very low and the ride is quiet and smooth even on uneven surfaces. Wheels show high resistance to adhesion of sand grains, metal chips etc.

Price list

SYMBOL Load capacity, kg Lifting range, mm Platform dimensions, mm Wheel type, mm Weight, kg Net price
WRP1-0501 500 275-810 910x600 Ø125NEK* 81 1790,00
WRP1-0252 250 275-810 910x600 Ø125NEK* 81 1790,00
WRP1-0301 300 395-1280 910x600 Ø125NEK* 98 1990,00
WRP1-0152 150 395-1280 910x600 Ø125NEK* 98 1990,00
WRP1-0501 500 275-810 910x600 Ø125 nylon 81 1650,00
WRP1-0252 250 275-810 910x600 Ø125 nylon 81 1650,00
WRP1-0301 300 395-1280 910x600 Ø125 nylon 98 1890,00
WRP1-0152 150 395-1280 910x600 Ø125 nylon 98 1890,00

*NEK - Manner wheels (gray rubber, ball bearing)

23% VAT excluded. Prices are subject to change.

Non-standard versions

With the roller conveyor

With drip grate

Platform of 1200x800 mm

Other colouring